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HPTLC Application LabHPTLC Application Lab

HPTLC Application Lab

Voluntarty Corporate Social Responsibility

Recently, the Govt. of India made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) compulsory for medium and large companies. However, since 1994 Anchrom adopted Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility (VCSR)!

Our lab was started in 1989 and became full-fledged in 1994. Anchrom pioneered the use of the Application Lab for the benefit the nation’s scientific community.

Our current schemes under VCSR are

Earn and Learn Ph.D. Scholarship - For those talented M.Sc. in analytical or organic chemistry but financially handicapped, we offer this scheme.
Ph. D. eligible candidate selected by us, have to work full time in our lab and part time for Ph.D. Anchrom offers a stipend + pick up of Ph.D. expenses at our lab + suggests research problems and guides. (While colleges charge a fee.)
Already several Ph.D. scholars have completed their work and got Ph.D. The best part is that the candidates get 3 years of industrial experience, as well, in parallel.

Research Scholarship - For fresh M.Sc. in analytical or organic chemistry or M.Pharm. (Q.A. or Pharmacognosy), we offer a monthly stipend to work in our lab.
Such scholars get tremendous exposure to the academic and industry who keep visiting/ sending samples to our lab. Over 180 such scholars have been absorbed by the industry after few months of work at Anchrom's Applications Lab.

Free training - One day free training on HPTLC is offered to PG students, Research Guides and Govt. lab employees, without any expectation from our side. For groups of 6 to 8 students and or teachers, we offer hospitality during training hours and a certificate. Several thousands have benefitted from this scheme.  Such free training goes on, throughout the year. 

Subsidized analysis - For the above categories, we also offer to analyse their samples for a fraction of our charges, that is payable by the industry for the same work.
Thousands of samples have been analysed at our lab., free of charge, between 1994 – 2012 and for a small fee, after 2012.

Extra reading - To facilitate enthusiast i.e. learners to learn more about HPTLC in general and for our R & D, we maintain a separate library, where, anyone coming to the Anchrom lab can read and take notes from the books. We recomend the following books:

Quantitative Analysis Of Drugs In Pharmaceutical Formulations

Dr. P. D. Sethi

ISBN: 978-81-239-2279-9


High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)

Dr. M. M. Srivastava

ISBN: 978-3-642-14024-2 (Print) 978-3-642-14025-9 (Online)


High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography in Food analysis

Dr. P. K. Jaiswal

ISBN : 978-81-239-1837-2

Anchrom has the longest running Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility program in the country in the MSME sector!

Mr. Vijay Bagul Mr. Vaibhav Nayakal Dr. D. A. Shanbhag
Mr. Vijay Bagul
Research Scholar - 1995
Now ADL Manager
Mr. Vaibhav Nayakal
Ph.D. Scholar
Dr. D. A. Shanbhag
Research Guide