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HPTLC Application LabHPTLC Application Lab

HPTLC Application Lab

HPTLC Application Lab

Anchrom pioneered the concept of applications support lab in India, beginning as early as 1989, by establishing the world's first Application Lab srated by a dealer.

We always knew the value of lab support to customer.

The huge investment we have made in our lab in Mumbai is in excess of Rs. 1.5 crore in terms of space, equipment, books, reagents etc. There is no better indication of our post – sales commitment as well as our expertise in the subject.

  • Over 700 organic chemicals anlysed
  • Over 2000 students trained free
  • More than 200 teachers trained free

This lab has analysed by HPTLC, the widest spectrum of samples than any other lab in the world. Our application lab is the reason why thousands of analysts have visited Anchrom.

Anchrom’s HPTLC prowess has been acknowledged in most parts of Asia, Africa and Australia.

Several books and numerous publications contain HPTLC analysis data, done in this lab.

Apart from our lab in Mumbai, Camag has 6 other labs involved in HPTLC research.
The location are its factory near Basle, Univ. in Basle, Berlin,
University if Hohenheim (Germany), Camag USA Wilmington, NC and at Zuhai in China!
Mr. Thierno Souleymane DIACK
from IFT, Dakar, Senegal for aflatoxin analysis.
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