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HPTLC Application LabHPTLC Application Lab

HPTLC Application Lab


Thin Layer Chromatography and its modern instrumental version – High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography are reputed to solve analytical problems even when “everything else fails”.

This “visual” technique is wildly popular in India because of its simplicity, low cost of analysis, very low cost of maintenance, ease of use etc.

HPTLC is the fastest of all chromatography methods and today more than ever before, time is money. TLC was invented several decades ago yet remains extremely popular because one can invest in phases, from several thousand Rupees for a qualitative analysis set-up to several lakhs of Rupees for GLP compliant high resolution system, controlled by its manager software over the world to teach the principle of chromatography.

TLC/HPTLC is most suitable for India.

Recently the United State Pharmacopeia (USP) has made HPTLC mandatery for the analysis of material of biologocical origin.  Chapters 203 and 1064 described in detail the most suitable SOP for analysis of material of biologocical origin.  Similarly EhPur will be shortly including atleast one chapter on HPTLC.  

To view USP chapter 203, please click here.

To view USP chapter 1064, please click here.

To view PhEur chapter, please click here.  

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