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HPTLC Application LabHPTLC Application Lab

HPTLC Application Lab

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One of the biggest advantages of thin layer chromatograph is that “Chromatogram” remains immobilized on the plate and suitable for obtaining additional information by bio analytical means or chemical derivatisation.

The Camag Bioluminizer is an instrument which records bioluminescence.

A HPTLC "Chromatogram" (i.e. the plate on which chromatographic separation has been done) is dipped in a suspension of "Vibro Fischeri" bacteria, which are "toxic" substances are present, the bacteria die. The ultra-sensitive cooled camera of the bioluminiser takes images of the plate. Where the Vibrio Fischeri are unharmed, bioluminescence is recorded whereas around toxic substances, dark zones are seen as the bacteria are dead.

The camag Bioluminizer thus provides a "Universal detector" for toxic substances separated on TLC / HPTLC Plates.