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HPTLC Application LabHPTLC Application Lab

HPTLC Application Lab


In the Indian bureaucratic context, it is important for the Govt. scientist to describe accurately the product specs, in order to buy the appropriate make of analytical equipment, which will be an asset and produce the desired results, over a long period of time.

Since products are consistently changing, it is advisable to contact us for the appropriate configuration and latest specs much before tendering.


System Manager Controlled High Performance Thin Layer Chromatograph for quantification, identification, finger printing and micro-preparative separations

Integrated HPTLC SYSTEM MANAGER software

To document, control and manage all the instrumental steps of HPTLC analysis incl. application, development, scanning and photorecording and documentation.32 bit, windows XP based, upgradable.


Manual, w/o electricity, precise sample positioning at 5 mm or multiple thereof intervals, precise volumes, disposable capillaries of 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 & 5.0 μL. Sample application quality should be independent of perator. Capillaries in re-usable magazines.

Semi-auto / Sample Applicator : (Camag Linomat 5)

For spot / line application, spray on technique, 4 mode of applications---Quantitative analysis, micro-preparative, in-situ and superimpose. 10-method storage, stand-alone or PC control. For Analytical work (0-10 mm band / 0.1 to 20 μL vol.) and preparative work (190mm band, 500 μL vol.) sample positioning on X & Y axis freely selectable, variable rate of delivery, easy to clean sample syringe, accepts 100 & 500 syringe, self diagnostic built in. Validation built in. Link to System Manager.


Fully automatic TLC Sample Applicator, works in PC control or stand alone mode, fully automatic application of samples as spots, bands or rectangles. By spray or contact application, accepts 10, 25 or 100-μL syringe. Syringe cleaning automatic and programmable, complete with instrument cover, sample racks for 66 standard 2 mL vials (12 x 32mm), Link to system manager. Software is essential.


All glass, small internal volume chambers, bottom divided into two halves; maximum 5-15 ml mobile phase / run S.S. lid appropriate size tanks for 20 x 20, 20 x 10,10 x 10, 10 x 5 cm Plates.


Horizontal Development Chamber for method development, rapid screening & horizontal development. For 10 x 10 cm plates. Can run six mobile phases on one plate, side by side, at the same time. Sandwich or tank saturation conditions can be standardized. Can standardise a new HPTLC method in 3 to 5 runs. Method development procedure included. Rapid screening possible by running a combination of different samples / mobile phases.


Automatic Developing Chamber for fully automatic development of TLC/HPTLC plates 20 x 10 cm and 10 x 10 cm (glass, plastic, aluminum). Operation possible in stand-alone mode or under software. The user is freed of all process monitoring responsibilities, operation is fully traceable. The activity and preconditioning of the layer, chamber saturation, developing distance and final f\drying can be pre-set and automatically monitored. “Humidity Control” allows reproducible chromatography at defined activity of the layer.


Comprising chromatogram developing module and software and installation accessories. PC controlled unit. Upto 25 times multiple development. Upto 5 solvents to make gradient. Drying time freely selectable. Gas phase equilibration after every step. Mobile phase front monitoring by CCD. Vacuum sensor built in. Gradient display on screen. Validation software built in. Self diagnostics.


UV Cabinet, dual wavelength 254 nm + 366 nm with guaranteed minimum intensity, as follows : UV lamp UW/CM2 at 17 cm distance. Short wave UV (254 nm) 1600, long wave (366 nm) 1000,. Visible light (<400nm) 0.4 100% protection to viewer’s eyes and skin from UV light for safety. High tech 25 kHz power supply for flickerless, instant illumination. Portable darkroom. Auto switch off after 10 min.


Suitable for 20 x 20 cm & 20 x 10 cm plates; Universal plate holder clamp; Dipping speed - 30 mm to 50 mm /sec., variable; Dip time - 1 to 8 secs. + indefinite. Ribbed and narrow dip chambers for low volume of reagent.


Digital thermometer; Stain resistant ceran glass top; temp range 25 to 200ْC temp. display on as long as plate is hot even when instrument switched off; Set / Actual temp. displayed, upto 20 x 20 cm plates.


Pneumatic, cordless, using rechargeable batteries, spray heads, bottles of 50 or 100 ml attachable.

PHOTO DOCUMENTATION - capable UV Cabinet Camag Smart Digi.

Dual wavelength UV Cabinet with 254 & 366 nm illumination computer aided design. Removable lamp : 25 KHz flicker free illumination. Auto shut off of UV lamps. Completely safe to viewer. UV absorbing viewing window. Rolling shutter door with facility to mount digital camera to click what you see.

TLC SCANNER & Data evaluation

Computer controlled Scanner / Densitometer for automatic spectrum scanning for identification and purity check. Automatic quantitative measurement by absorbance & fluorescence. All TLC / HPTLC plate sizes acceptable. Scan speed 100 mm / sec @ 25 μm resolution, Wavelength range 190-900 nm. Monochromator flushing by nitrogen. Data sampling rate – 4000 / sec. Optics for HPTLC measurements. Spectrum scan speed 100 nm / sec. Max 999 spectra / plate. Visible pilot slit image / scan compartment illumination with UV to check sample alignment with scan beam. D2, Hg, W lamps + self diagnostic + Service dialog + Universal filter for fluorescence all built-in, scan slit size variable, bandwidth selectable 5 & 20nm. EPROM upgradable. Easy to load plate. Small footprint. Data evaluation 32 bit software (latest version), Improved S/N ratio. Improved reproducibility. Linked to System Manager, Automatic / Manual integration, Auto baseline correction. Spot check facility. 3D display with data storage. Calibration - single level, multilevel, linear / non-linear. Statistics CV / CI. Reproducibility check facility. Auto calculation of data from wts and dil. factors , Computer generated random no. for each report (GLP). Lamp use tracking. 2 level digital user manual. Service Dialog + self Diagnostics + Tutorial all built – in. Meets GLP. Optional IQ-OQ and 21 CFR Rule 11 certification.

PHOTODOCUMENTATION Under GLP – (Camag Visualiser)

12 bit, high resolution industrial camera (4096 grey level resolution. Images of the highest quality. Fixed focus for total reproducibility. True colours capture. Very linear response. Viewing window to see plate. 60 KHz supply for instant, flicker less illumination. Easy access for changing tubes & filters and PCB. Automatic image optimization Automatic exposure time to suit brightest zone within dynamic range of CCD. Full function annotation. Rf scale. Child image with or w/o ROI (Region of Interest) blow up. Auto image capture at 254nm and or 366nm and or white light. Raw data inaccessible to user. Spot application tool detects smallest fractions. High speed data transfer 1 sec. / image, with following options. IQ-OQ and ICM-Color Management with backgound correction and guaranty display of true colours. Complete with test plate, IQ-OQ certificate Internationlly acclaimed ICM colour management system. Back ground correction in flat field mode. Blank image of plate should be subtracted from plate image with chromatograms on it. Image comparison viewer software should allow visual comparison of different tracks from different plates under GLP on screen.


Manual, w/o electricity, precise sample positioning at 5 mm or multiple thereof intervals, precise volumes, disposable capillaries of 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 & 5.0 μL. Sample application quality should be independent of perator. Capillaries in re-usable magazines.

Automatic TLC Plate Coater

Automatic TLC Plate Coater, for fully automatic plate making, floating slurry hopper, plate sizes 20 x 20 or 20 x 10 cm, no wastage, extremely uniform layer quality, conveyerised plate movement.

Bio - Detector

Bioactivity detection system for TLC/ HPTLC plates, especially to study toxicity. Based on bioluminescence of Vibro Fischeri bacteria. The unit consists of a plate support and a high resolution cooled camera for automatic recording of multiple pretimed images from a chromatograph plates coated with the V.Fisheri.


Multi wavelength scans upto 31 wavelengths. Data stored. Auto calculation. Data displayed in 3 ways. Colour plots of data and quantification with respect to λ max of separated fractions. Also in absorption & luorescence mode.

Spectrum Library - Facility to create your own UV-VIS library. 999 spectra storage per file. All files searched automatically and sequentially for λ max as well as Rf.

Collaction of Spectra - A library of 750 pre-recorded spectra from HPTLC plates. For narcotic, toxicological & forensic use.

Qualification - Software to thoroughly check and aid in remote diagnosis of opticals, mechanicals and electronics of the scanner. Auto correction of lamp positioning and monchromator. IQ – OQ.

Track optimization - Eliminates any errors of plate positioning or slightly irregular movement of fractions. Non –GLP.

Dual wavelength - Enables subtraction of data measured at two wavelengths.

Solvent front monitoring device - To notify acoustically & visually that the mobile phase has reached the desired developing distance during chromatogram development. Works with glass plates being developed in developing glass tanks of sizes 20 x 20 cm, 20 x 10 cm, 10 x 10 cm.

Spares, accessories, consumables, preinstallation requirements - Supplier must offer free installation, frequent training, standard substances where possible, local lab support, local spares stock etc. HPTLC System must meet all latest requirements of safety, conformity, ISO, GLP etc.

Other requirements - Validation of instruments should be routinely possible. System should be upgradable. Since analytical research will be required to standardize new methods, we expect support for the suppliers in the form of literature survey, method development, method standardization, double check of analysis etc without any charge, locally from India.