Technologists, not traders.

Equipped with the technical expertise to help our customers overcome analytical issues by providing the most appropriate solution to their needs.

HPTLC Application LabHPTLC Application Lab

HPTLC Application Lab

Anchrom Support to HPTLC Users

The very success of Anchrom Stems from Solid commitment and continuous support to customers.

Pre Sales Support

Our 25 year old HPTLC lab is fully equipped, staffed and does a large no. of analysis daily. All potential customers can visit our lab for free training, analysis of their samples, applications data, demonstration, study the installation set-up etc. A fair evaluation of the product and the more important after sales support can be done.

Our library has more than 100 TLC / HPTLC related books.

We also participate in seminars or arrange our own seminars and deminars (demo + seminar) anywhere, on request.

Support during sales

Our expert thin layer chromatographers can make a presentation in your place. We can make available IQ – OQ information as well as 21 CFR Rule 11 compliance information.

For comparison with other products, we offer to analyse any one product for potential customers.

After Sales Support

This is our forte. Anchrom being dedicated to only HPTLC, we are very well equipped to support our customers not only by engineering service but also application lab support.

Our Service Department offers reasonably priced AMC or CMC. Numerous spares and consumables are stocked by us. Our teams of Service Engineers are located in several Indian cities. They are all trained by a Senior Manager from Camag Switzerland, in Mumbai, every 18- 24 months.

What distinguishes Anchrom is our Applications Lab. Ours is not a “demo lab”. Thousands of real life samples from all branches of chemistry have been analysed by us , here over last 25 years. Our lab works as an extension of customer’s lab.

For starters, it is our Application Specialist who does a 3 day installation cum training for new customers. The big difference with us is that an analyst (not an engineer) gives training to user’s analyst.

Subsequently we offer unlimited fees training at our lab. This is unique in the whole world. Such training is very beneficial for new employees or with new products.

Camag makes a huge range of HPTLC dedicated products. Accessories not bought by a customer can still be made available in our lab for a nominal fee.

Camag meets every current GLP requirement and keeps abreast of newer requirements.

Anchrom has always set the bench Marks for excellent customer support.

In fact our after support reputation is so high that at last 20 of non – Camag HPTLC buyers have requested our assistance in installation, training, servicing, analysis etc.

Lastly we are proud to say that we wrote and follow “GDP”.