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HPTLC Application LabHPTLC Application Lab

HPTLC Application Lab

Lab Support

General Info
Anchrom has invested heavily in infrastructure and persons to establish a Camag Switzerland Recognized HPTLC Application Research Laboratory, in 1993.

Our lab has three main activities

  • Training - At our lab
  • On‐site for the next 10 years
  • Installation - As an Anchrom Specialty, our lab analyst completes the training at the time of installation.
  • Analysis - On a commercial basis for industries
  • On a nominal charge basis for students and teachers

We have been offering free training and analysis in our Camag Switzerland Recognized HPTLC Application Research Laboratory since 1994.

However this activity in national spirit has gone way beyond our means. From Oct 1, 2011, we modified our “Open Door” policy somewhat keeping new realities in mind.

We offer training free of charge to students / teachers. The reply of this training can be varied according to your need. A training certificate is issued to the participants. Those who wish to take advantage of this offer may e-mail us their request.

Research Scholars Schemes for Post – Graduates

Scheme 1 - If you are wishing to join the industry but have no experience, consider this scheme. More than 170 such research students have launched their careers through Anchrom. We offer a stipend and work experience for a few months, until you find a job.

Scheme 2 - Ph.D. R.S. “Earn & Learn”
Those P.Gs who wish to do Ph.D. on their own without financial support from external sources can consider this scheme. Ph.D. R.S. work like our full time employees and base their Ph.D. work only on new methods by HPTLC. Apart from Ph.D. the R.S. will get tremendous experience in all access of chemistry + travel all over India + develop new methods and trouble shoot / train customers. Our Ph.D. R.S will be “street‐smart” by the time they get degree. Our contribution will be to pay a reasonable monthly stipend offer our lab facilities and for Ph.D. work, free of cost.

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