HPTLC analysis

About HPTLC “PRO” System

HPTLC plates

An entirely new generation of HPTLC System, specifically for Q.C. lab applications has been launched by CAMAG, Switzerland. There will be up to 5 identical looking instruments side by side with conveyerised movement of plates. Each instrument will perform one step of HPTLC procedure.

Application steps of HPTLC "PRO"

HPTLC applications
Sample application
Chromatogram development
HPTLC analysis
AHPTLC chromatography
Detection by hyperspectral means
HPTLC procedure
MS interface

A sixth module will be for plate storage. Up to five plates can be chromatographed without manual intervention, with up to 3 mobile phases. As of Jan 2020, two instruments i.e. Application and Development have been released. Anchrom in Mumbai installed already the world’s first Pro sold by CAMAG. Manufacturers for regulated markets, Indian regulatory authorities, commercial analytical labs will rely on HPTLC "PRO", once they have evaluated it. Live demo in Mumbai on request.

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